A Guide to Martial Arts Equipment

No matter which type of Martial Arts you choose, there should be plenty of MMA equipment available at your local gym. Punching bags, a striking guard, a Medicine ball, a Tonfa and a Tonfa are some of the most used pieces of MMA gear. However, not every piece listed below should be available at the gym you train at. A good school should have a large assortment of MMA gear available to students, including safety equipment.

Punching bags

A punching bag is a piece of equipment used for kicking, striking, and grappling in martial arts. They are typically filled with heavy material that is strong and durable, but has little give. Most punching bags are made from leather, synthetic leather, and hardened vinyl. The durability of equipment will depend on the quality of the material used for making punching bags. Many punching bags are filled with textile or shredded rubber, which places less strain on the joints and does not absorb as much sweat as a cloth bag.

There are two types to punching bags: body opponent and free-standing. Free-standing bags are larger than those used for grappling. Freestanding bags can be adjusted to various heights, so they can be adjusted for different levels of intensity. Some bags come with multiple compartments, which can be helpful in the development of different strike techniques. Free-standing bags are still the most popular type of bag used in martial arts. There are many types of punching bag available.

Striking shield

A striking shield is a great piece of equipment for any Martial Arts class. Its wide surface area allows you to use it in a variety of ways, whether you’re using it to defend yourself or to protect your opponent. A good strike shield will absorb higher or lower hits without getting damaged. A poorly-made shield will not withstand a high-speed kick. Here are some tips to help choose the best mma gym melbourne.

A good striker’s shield will protect his or her head and neck when he or she is kicking. A good shield will also protect the user if their partner misses a kick, or when they extend their knee to hit. A kicking shield is essential equipment in Martial Arts. There are many reasons why it is so important. They’re great for practicing kicks on the move and many Martial Artists also use them to protect their bodies.

Medicine ball

A medicine ball is a weighted, solid ball that can be used in various fitness activities. Its history can be traced back to Hippocrates in ancient Greece, where it was first known as a simple animal skin filled with sand. Hippocrates used medicine bags for strength training and rehabilitation. A 16th century book, De Arte Gymnastica, explains the use of medicine balls and how they can improve athletic performance. In the early 18th century, Persian wrestlers began using them. Robert Jenkins Roberts, a 19th-century inventor of the term “medicine ball”, coined it to describe the equipment.

The advantages of using a medicine ball for MMA training are numerous. A good medicine ball workout can help a fighter increase his speed and power. The ability to throw the ball can help a fighter develop explosive power. This is the ability generate maximum force in a very short time. The next step is to increase muscular endurance, as it is crucial to throw powerful punches in the ring. Because of its ability generate force and momentum, a medicine ball is a great workout.


A tonfa sword is used in martial art. They date back to 1771 BC. Modern tonfa routines include linking the tonfa together, and using them as one. Tonfa can also be called a brass knuckle dumpler. Its length is between fifteen and twenty inches. To properly use the tonfa, it is essential that you choose the right size for you hand. The tonfa must be able to fit comfortably into your hand. The handle should not extend beyond the elbow by more than 1 inch

Tonfas are held in different positions during training to strengthen fists and strengthen body. To perform a stab striking or hooking action, the tonfa may be swung outward. It can also hold the shaft in a grip similar to a hook or sickle. Tonfas are versatile tools used in martial art. They can be used for self-defense or training.